Welcome to the Bercow: Ten Years On Speech and language therapists page

Here you will find information and resources we feel will be of particular interest to you, along with practical ideas and resources to help you take action now.

Read our short briefing paper on the main findings and recommendations of the Bercow: Ten Years On report.

Want to take action now? Try some of these practical ideas:

Communication is crucial – Raise awareness!

Use our information sheet, email template and Presentation to convince your local commissioner/headteacher of the need for a focus on spoken language.

Give them the briefing sheet for schools

Watch and share this video clip of a primary/secondary school teacher talking about the importance of spoken language for learning.

Encourage colleagues in schools and early years settings to log on to The Communication Trust’s speech, language and communication framework (SLCF) to audit confidence in supporting children and young people’s speech, language and communication and SLCN.  Use the results as a discussion topic in a staff meeting.

Tell the schools and early years settings you work with about national campaigns which support speech, language and communication and SLCN.

Use our information to start a discussion and discussion starters in your team meeting, or in one of your schools/settings

Use the key features, our information sheet and checklist to start a discussion in schools you work in about effective practice for pupils with SLCN.

A strategy for systems change – get spoken language and SLCN embedded in plans

Use our information sheet to ask schools you work in about the numbers of children with SLCN, and whether it is in the school development plan.

Use our information sheet to check out SEN information reports in the schools you work in to see whether there is mention of how you support children’s SLCN. Use our suggested wording to make changes.

An accessible and equitable service 

Use our information to share information about Local prevalence with people responsible for commissioning SLCN support.

Tell your school leader/commissioner about guidance produced The Communication Trust, I CAN and Better Communication to support effective joint commissioning. Share this video with your local school.

Support that makes a difference – share the impact!

Use our information sheet and PowerPoint presentation for primary or secondary schools to share information about progress in spoken language, and the impact of SLCN support with Ofsted inspectors

Use our resources to ask children and young people what support they prefer

Use our information sheet and PowerPoint presentation for primary or secondary schools to share progress in speech, language and communication with your colleagues/leaders/Governors.

Demonstrate how SLCN support can impact on outcomes that are meaningful to commissioners.

Early identification and intervention

Audit the competences of staff in schools/settings you work in using the Communication Trust SLCF.

Offer a range of training options.