Bercow: Ten Years On How you can help us to influence the Influencers

I CAN and RCSLT have written to all English MPs and to some members of the House of Lords asking them to support Bercow: Ten Years On and its recommendations. For background, the text of the letter to MPs is here

You can find more information and resources to help you make the case for Bercow: Ten Years OnĀ here

To help our parliamentary influencing work, we now need your help.

Contacting your MPs

We would like you to contact your MP asking them if they will support Bercow:Ten Years On working to influence the Government to implement its recommendations.

Contacting your MP info sheet

  • Details on how to identify your MP
  • How to contact your MP via:
    • Twitter
    • letter
    • telephone conversations
  • A template letter to MPs for you to send them
  • Some key messages you can use in follow-up exchanges, conversations, or meetings
  • A toolkit on how to prepare for an MP meeting

MP meetings

RCSLT has produced a briefing for its members about meetings and service visits with MPs.

This can be adapted for Bercow: Ten Years On and your own circumstances. For instance, in any meeting with MPs you could consider including any I CAN licensees and/or service users and their families and carers. The people who you support and whose lives you transform are the best advocates for your work.

The briefing is accessible to RCSLT members via: