Children and young people

Welcome to the Bercow: Ten Years On Children and young people page

Here you will find information and resources we feel will be of particular interest to you, along with practical ideas and resources to help you take action now.

Read our short briefing paper for younger children or older children and young people on the main findings and recommendations of the Bercow: Ten Years On report here.

Want to take action now? Try some of these practical ideas:

Communication is crucial – Raise awareness!

Take part in the Voicebox joke competition

Tell your school about National campaigns which help to let people know about communication skills.

A strategy for systems change – get spoken language and SLCN embedded in plans.

Ask your school council to run a survey about communication difficulties in your school.

Support that makes a difference

Use our information sheet to tell your teacher/SLT/parent what kind of support really works for you.